My name is David; I am a golfer of 45 years. I am 76years old and over the last 3 years have let my handicap go out to 19. I played in my younger years off 6 so you can imagine that I was not very happy with my present form. I have been playing with Mizuno Irons/Stiff shafts and I suspected the shafts were actually too stiff, so I decided to call into Pete’s Warehouse.

When I first entered the shop I was greeted by Pete, it was like bumping into an old friend. We talked about my concerns and my reasoning’s. He got me to hit a few balls to assess my swing head speed and ball flight angle.  He suggested having one of my Irons fitted with a flexible shaft. I had expected to have all the irons done at once but Pete said, just do one for now if it’s not right we can try somethings else. I was happy with his suggestions, reassured that Pete was genuine rather than just taking my money.

Needless to say the club with the new shaft was amazing; the flight of the ball was exactly what I was expecting from it. I had the rest of Irons done 2-3 days later.

As a matter of interest I won the VETS Comp the next Thursday at Coolangatta Tweed with 44 points and broke my handicap by 8.

Pete gifted me something and it was priceless – it was the confidence he gave me back.


Hasting Point

Kelly Slater is a Pete's Golf Warehouse Customer