Hey Pete, it's Matt here, the guy you made the biggest surprise on his birthday! I love my new clubs and they go so bloody good! 🙏🥳

I had a lot of luck yesterday at the byron bay golf course and shot a HOLE IN ONE on the 17th from a 155m with my brand new 7 iron that i got from you and would like to dedicate that to you! 🙏☺️ you did such an amazing job of fitting me those clubs and I absolutely love them! I can't wait to see you in the shop again and i tell you everything about it! Have a beautiful day and i hope to see you soon!

Cheers Matt

Praise for Pete’s Golf Warehouse

My wife and I were looking to upgrade our golf clubs and we visited Pete’s to see what was available to us. With advice from Pete we bought great custom fitted clubs with shafts that have made the game easier for us. We also saved a considerable sum of money!

Pete has also followed up on our progress with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Overall, the experience was great and we would not hesitate to recommend Pete’s Golf Warehouse.


Testimonial from Robert

Mary & I have known Pete for nearly twenty years, professionally & as our golfing mentor, without solicitation, we earnestly have no hesitation in recommending him to both experienced & novice golfers, for an open & honest advice and assistance.

Testimonial About Pete's Golf Warehouse

Life is in the fast lane since I went to Pete in despair with serious thoughts of giving golf away.

Months of hopeless golf with my handicap blowing out to 39 had blurred my enjoyment of getting out there with the girls and my husband just happened to mention that Pete might be worth a talk to as he has a pretty fancy simulator thing, takes photos and videos and might have some ideas.
I used to play pennant tennis so there is no doubt I can hit a good ball, well I used to be able to.
Well Pete set me up and showed me how to swing within the boundaries of my bad back rather than trying to reinvent me from scratch. We used all the high tech whizz thingos he has and he made it a lot of fun. So off I go back to Murwillumbah with high hopes! 

Well there was just a glimmer of light or should I say flashes of brilliance, enough to get me going back to see Pete for a few more session.
Guess what? I think I've got it!! Well sort of, if winning my first big one with a net 67 and then after a couple of rounds getting within the ball rundown and another net 68 which gave me the Monthly medal and the gold medal for the series together with a handicap getting down to 31.
I am impressed if I may say so myself, but the main thing is I am back enjoying my golf with a new found confidence which Pete reinforces with regular top up sessions and encouragement.
I am glad I was persuaded to call in to see Pete and I can now easily justify taking advantage of some the bargain stuff he has.


Hello Pete

I received my cobra max driver today. It was in mint condition as you said. That didn't take long to change as i played a round today. Very nice driver and very forgiving. Thanks again for your great customer service. I will recommend your business to others.

Thanks again

Pete's Golf Warehouse Testimonial


My name is David; I am a golfer of 45 years. I am 76years old and over the last 3 years have let my handicap go out to 19. I played in my younger years off 6 so you can imagine that I was not very happy with my present form. I have been playing with Mizuno Irons/Stiff shafts and I suspected the shafts were actually too stiff, so I decided to call into Pete’s Warehouse.

When I first entered the shop I was greeted by Pete, it was like bumping into an old friend. We talked about my concerns and my reasoning’s. He got me to hit a few balls to assess my swing head speed and ball flight angle.  He suggested having one of my Irons fitted with a flexible shaft. I had expected to have all the irons done at once but Pete said, just do one for now if it’s not right we can try somethings else. I was happy with his suggestions, reassured that Pete was genuine rather than just taking my money.

Needless to say the club with the new shaft was amazing; the flight of the ball was exactly what I was expecting from it. I had the rest of Irons done 2-3 days later.

As a matter of interest I won the VETS Comp the next Thursday at Coolangatta Tweed with 44 points and broke my handicap by 8.

Pete gifted me something and it was priceless – it was the confidence he gave me back.


Hasting Point

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