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With the only professional golf training simulator on the Southern Gold Coast and Northern NSW, Pete's Golf Warehouse is the first choice for new and talented golfers who want to improve their game.

Pete, a PGA Golf Professional and his team use a state of the art internal driving range featuring dozens of World's best courses. Give Pete a call and make a time to see how you measure up and what needs to be done to correct any issues

Pete's Golf Warehouse at Tweed Heads - Peter Barton, PGA Professional, offers personal coaching and private golf lessons using the latest advanced golf simulator.

Pete's students get instant feedback and tuition to address issues identified and displayed on computer screens. Amazing accuracy and instant feedback from the simulator's sensors combined with Peter's 40 plus years of experience, make Pete's Golf Warehouse a hugely popular place for golfers on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

Pete's Golf Warehouse is famous for Personal Coaching and Private Golf Lessons.

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How to Play Better Golf

Most golfers want to improve their golf but they go about it the wrong way. They try to change too much without doing any real time on the practice fairway, therefore they try to change on the golf course, which is something golf pros would never do.

They also make changes to complicated! You should keep things as simple as possible as every swing starts with a good starting position, the set up which is grip, posture, aiming and ball position. More time needs to be taken with this as the swing is over in less than a few seconds, so work on getting it as good as you can before you put the swing into motion.

If you want to make a change, do it on the practice fairway or at Pete's Indoor Driving Range with the help of a coach. Find out what changes you need to make and how best to carry them out.

From Terry Adcock & Pete's Golf Warehouse